Tuesday, February 14, 2012

January/February Art Dump

Outfit sketch (upper left) and some head turnarounds for an upcoming post. 
A pick three.

Two outfit sketches.

I really wanted to draw Valentines this year, so I have several sketches, but I got so caught up doing commissions that I ran out of time.  This was one of them.

Outfit sketch.

Outfit sketch.

A pick three.  I think it was 'kind compassionate android".  

Another Valentine.

Outfit sketch.

Potential Valentines.  The bottom one is me exploring alternative ideas about Valentines (it'd be a sisters card)

Outfit post after arguing with SCAD trying to get a budget for the class I teach.

Disney fanart.


Ceiling Cow is doing a story about fauns, and I insist on being included as a fawn faun (of the swamp deer variety)

Cartooning practice

Outfit sketch and me aping Chica Umino's style.

Two outfit sketches.

Pretty PonPon fanart.

Last Valentine sketch, drawn today.

Copic sketches on cardstock.