Markering without Lines- Process for Ceilng Cow Avatar

Occasionally I'll get bored with my usual method of doing things and try to change things up a bit.

I've owed Ceiling_Cow a commisson for about a month now, and she's been very patient with me.  She was the only person who took up my offer for $20 commissions, with all proceeds going towards my friend Heidi to help her pay for her Tokyo trip.  Originally she'd commissioned me to draw her WoW tauren, but she changed her mind before that initial sketch was completed, requesting that I draw an avatar for her username.

After completing the sketch, I knew a brushy linework would work best for the piece, but my Copics don't always get along with liquid ink that isnt Copic Multiliner ink.  I decided to just go for it and marker over the bluelines, inking after the markering was completed, which would prevent the brush ink from bleeding.  Since I had a blueline underneath, it was fairly easy to do, but still a bit of a challenge, as my Copics had a tendency to get away from me.  Here's the process:


  1. It's interesting to see how different people work with Copics. You seem to build up layers from light to dark in an almost painterly fashion. It's an interesting effect.

  2. Your super detailed process posts are one of the biggest reasons why I really like your blog. This is a technique I definitely will be trying myself =)

    Just out of curiosity, which brand of marker paper did you use?

  3. It looks really great! It's good to see you do other types of creatures. I do usually see humans from you. I like seeing the blue, although faint, I like seeing the line process the artist uses and how the final outcome looks like. It's also nice that you use the blue lines as a sort of shading afterwards like under the tongue and bell. :D

  4. this is the cutest cow in the entire world. The final product is clearly the best part, but I feel particular toward step 8.


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