Recent Illustrations

Since returning from my two-month con tour, I've tried to focus on a couple things- using older linart and finishing up pieces, and plowing through watercolor field tests for the brands that are mid-review.  As always, it takes a while for things to make their way through the pipeline, but I wanted to share a few of my favorite illustrations with you guys, to whet your whistles for things to come.

Kuretake Gansai Tambi Starry Skies Metallic Palette Field Test

Unicorn Rainbow Hair demonstration 

Boku-Undo Sumi Gansai field test

Sakura Koi CAC (Creative Artist Colors) Field Test

Crayola Washables Challenge

Summer Fun Watercolor Sketches

Tasty Treats Watercolor Sketches

Mixed media- watercolor and alcohol markers over pink lineart

Mijello Mission Gold Field Test

Shin Han Professional Watercolors Field Test

Anthesis Arts Handmade Watercolors- Meadow palette field test

Turner Watercolors field test

Derwent Inktense Travel Pans Field Test
I just dropped off my hard drive containing the videos for many of these illustrations today, so hopefully I'll have the completed field test videos up and available for my Patrons soon!


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