Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Helpful Apps for Internet Savvy (Addicted) Artists

This'll be fun, I'm posting using the free Blogger app, so I've put my non-money where my mouth is.

These days, most artists are pretty internet savvy, what with the Tumblrs, Twitters, Facebooks, FourSquares, LinkedIns, and various blogging services and hosts. With the advent of affordable data plans and smart phones, being connected has never been easier, and STAYING connected is never been more vital. I utilize my phone (an iPhone 3G, to be precise) to harness the popularity of Twitter to make friends, Facebook to stay in touch, and Blogger to keep those friends entertained, so decent applications are vital, and FREE applications are mandatory. All of the apps mentioned in this post are fairly decent and entirely free, and I've recieved zero sponsorship. These are apps I personally use often, especially when I cant connect using my usual means.

#1: Twitter for iPhone
I used to use (and enjoy) Echophone, but a software update has made it impossible to run. I use the official Twitter app now, and can do everything I could do on the site. I actually use Twitter more on my phone than my actual computer, and it sends me notifications to alert me to DM's and replies.

#2 Facebook

My interest in FB waxes and wanes. In the heat of convention season, its invaluable for making convention plans efficiently. I use it to notify my near and dear to blog updates, and inquiries about assignments are usually answered quickly, but I have attempted to get critiques from classmates with mixed results. The mobile application is a bit clunky and sometimes crashy, but if this is how you connect w/ your audience, its a useful app to have. I am not including shot of my feed as it contains personal info about my family and friends.

#3: Blogger

The Blogger app is a bit late to the game, but it's the best free blogging app available, allowing me to edit posts and write posts including pictures. I dont seem to be able to check my stats or view comments with this app, however.

#4 Social Score
Klout is a website that gives you a rough approximation of your overall social influence on the web and occasionally a swollen ego. If you're constantly trying to gain personal worth through internet value like I am, it helps to have an app that lets you check it often and with little effort. Social Score doesnt give you all the info Klout does, but its useful for those quick hits between classes.

#5 iDashboard

Hand in hand with Social Score, iDashboard gives internet junkies their much needed fix, giving the user fast access to their blog stats via Google Analytics. Like Social Score, iDashboard only gives a dimebag's worth of info, but for many of us, it'll last us the walk home from the grocery store. THEN we can check the REAL Google Analytics.