Monday, January 30, 2012

Art Dump

This is in no particular order, because I've broken my images up between several folders.  This isn't inclusive of everything I've worked on since the last art dump either, as I spent a fair amount of time working on little but Momotaro, and a couple of tutorials have been left out, as they'll be posted later.

I'm currently working on two semi-large scale projects.  One is a daily outfit drawing of myself, that ties in with a personal goal, so there's going to be a lot of that in this post, and probably a HUGE post of that in maybe six months.  The other is a pick 3 character traits character design campaign I'm doing on Twitter and Facebook.  Users suggest three character traits (can be personality or appearances, or a mix) and I draw a character based on those traits.  There's going to be a lot of that in this post, and probably a huge post of that later on.

The remainder is just a lot of Kara stuff.  I'm thinking about doing a series of cards featuring her doing itsy bitsy cute things, and since I'm between projects (kinda sorta), now is the best time to get things like that under way.

I've always been a fan of paperchildren.  Kara, being 7" tall, lends herself to it.

Studies from a Skydoll production book

I've been accused of being anti-fanart.  That's a pretty unfair accusation, I've drawn a lot of Yotsuba and Ayu Yamada over the years.

And maybe a little fanart of my three favorite Sailor Scouts.  I tend to prefer the boy crazy ones.

From here on out begins the Pick 3 entries. "hawkish features, self loathing, retro dressing" from @groundchux

"An overly enthusiastic food lover/gourmet with crazy unkempt hair" from @invPaperclip

"A nerdy kleptomaniac with waaay too much self esteem" @techgerbil

"Adventurous, intelligent, and charismatic" @Aisazia

Multiples!  From the top: inquisitive, asymmetrical, repugnant. @TheJade Prince,  "squishy dumb lump" @frankiesamba, and "Shy, paranoid, panda" @Ceiling_Cow

From the top: "Effulgent,absconder, serpentine" from @sometimealone (by the way, I love GRE words.  Lookin' em up was fun) and "rough, tough, HOT-BLOODED" @ericlide

"precocious, eccentric, paranoid" @TheJadePrince (it took two tries to capture him)

"Weasely, lanky, punk" @Ceiling_Cow

 "inquisitive, terrified, starving."@wigglytype

And hey, a bonus Ceiling Cow!
Lastly, the Momotaro character designs: