Saturday, January 07, 2012

Guest Post: Eric Lide, Station Square Process

Hey all, my name's Eric Lide and I draw the webcomic Station Square. Today I will share some of my comic-making process.

So, things are pretty simple for me. First I start off with pencils. Most comic artists do thumbnails for pages-- I usually don't unless it's something that I'm going to have trouble visualizing in my head. Otherwise, I go straight to pencils. I draw on just typical 8.5 x 11 printer paper, nothing fancy, and I use a pretty basic Pentel 0.7 mechanical pencil. I pencil very quickly and roughly first, and then draw over it with some details a second time.

After the pencils are done, it's time for scanning!

First, I dump into it photoshop and make panel borders. Since this page is during a flashback scene, the borders are black here. After I do the borders, I import them and the pencils into PainterSAI as separate layers. I do all my digital inking in Sai because I like the feel of the brush tool there more:

Once the inks are done, I send everything back into photoshop where I drop in the lettering and graytones:

After that I shrink the drawing down to a size for the site and upload! You can check out the finished page here!