Tip: Color Code Your Inking Pens

I really love most aspects of my Copic Multiliner SP tech pens.  I can replace the nibs, I can replace the ink cartridges, the felt nibs have just the right amount of give, the metal barrels are pretty tough.  The only thing I don't like about them is that since the sizes have worn off the cap, it's become a bit of a scavenger hunt to find the nib size I'm looking for.  It's not horribly inconvenient, but it does take precious inking time, and I've decided to remedy that by color coordinating my pens.  If I were super fancy, I'd have a different tape for each pen, but I am not super fancy, so I've had to combine color bands for applications.  I tend to use two pens at a time- say a .5 for the face and a .7 for the rest of the figure, so while I'll still have to fish around, it'll shorten that fishing time considerably.


  1. Instead of a different tape for each pen, you could vary the width of the tape (either by cutting it or using multiple strips) so pens with wider nibs have wider strips.

  2. That's a pretty smart system =)

  3. Right now I'm asking how many different colors of tape I have (or thinking about the width thing) because this would be a huge time saver for me. I think I'm going to implement this, because I'm using my full compliment of pens for a current project and constantly searching for the right pen is frustrating.


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