Saturday, January 28, 2012

Color Test-XRite

This has been floating around the web for awhile, so I thought I'd share it here, for those of you who may have missed it.  For the sake of transparency, I'm also going to share my results, which are less than stellar.  If you happen to know of a better color blindness test, or a good monitor calibration utility, please let me know.  If I share it on the blog, I'll be sure to give you credit.

XRite's Color Test is fairly simple, you arrange the tiles by hue, and they score your arrangement.

This is what the unsorted test looks like.
After scoring you, they provide you with you results:
A lower score is better, with zero being perfect.  As you can see, my eyes have trouble differentiating between some colors.

And this is how I stack up against other artists.