Monday, October 03, 2011

Trying to Raise Funds

I've been spending a lot of time raising awareness about my commission work, but I'd like to share the spotlight with a very good friend of mine.

Heidi is an excellent artist and my best friend here at SCAD.  She's offering $10 off her usual $50 commissions.  Her work is worth every penny.  She's trying to raise money so she can afford SCAD's Tokyo Trip, which runs around 9k.  She isnt asking for handouts or pity, just the opportunity to raise this money doing what she loves.

If you can't afford Heidi, I'm raising my pencil prices from 10$ to 15$, and giving the extra five to Heidi to help defray the Tokyo costs.  If you'd like to help an artist's dream come true, please commission Heidi to draw some artwork for you.

In her own words:
"To try to raise some money for the tokyo trip (or just cause living is expensive), I'm offering $40 full color commissions! Normally I do these for $50+, but I'm desperate. What you get: 1 full character, fully colored in your choice of media (marker, colored pencil, digital, watercolor); 1 print of the character on archival photo paper, letter size; and one high-resolution digital file.

The only rule: if it looks like porn, smells like porn, or sounds like porn, its a no-go. Even if you aren't interested, please pass this on to some friends who might be - any little thing helps right now"

Consider this a Kickstarter that pays off immediately.  The Tokyo Trip would give Heidi inspiration, and participants are required to keep a journal, a sketchbook, and to create an 8 page mini when they return.  That's a lot of fresh material coming from one talented girl.

Here's her prices, even if you cant afford a commission, please pass it along.