Thursday, October 27, 2011


I hate the ads as much as you guys probably do.  My skin crawls and I just want to look away, but I cannot, because this is for an excellent cause.  These ads contribute pennies per day to send one girl to her adopted motherland, these ads are helping one Heidi Black earn money to attend SCAD SEQA's Tokyo Seminar.

Every time you click on an ad on my blog, it earns me a tiny percentage of a penny.  But those perCENTages add up, and it costs you nothing but your dignity and a mere moment of your time.  You can feel like you've done your good deed for the day without even breaking a sweat or spending a dollar.  When Heidi reaches her goal of $2,000, the ads go away until I need money for art supplies or something.

You can make them go away faster, however.  All you need to do is commission Heidi to draw the commission of your dreams.  That's right, by throwing your money at her, you can convince me to take down these awful ads, and Keep On Truckin' Nattosoup can go right back to being all about the tutorials, art dumps, and bad motivational speeches.  And we all know that's why you click the links I spam my Facebook and Twitter with.

Usually, I'd be shilling for my own commissions, and me shilling for her doesn't mean I'm not accepting them.  But at this time, Heidi needs your dollar bills far more than I do.

I would not tout my friend's abilities if I did not believe in her as much as I do.  Right now, she is sewing a Dr. Horrible labcoat for a young gentleman I know, and working on a commission for me.  So you see, she is getting my dollar dollar bills as well.

So there are two ways to help this young lady- one that will cost you about forty bucks but will get you beautiful art to enjoy for your entire life, and one that costs nothing but a few clicks of your mouse.

NOW THERE'S THREE!  You can also commission Pickles of Distillum to draw for you too, and every red cent of that goes toward sending Heidi to Tokyo.

ALSO, even if you can't afford to commission her, you can donate to her cause and throw a few bucks her way!  She's got a donate button up as well as a Tokyometer, so we can watch her monetary progress like creepy hawks.      Creepy Creepy Hawks.