Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Art Dump

Abi from Vanilla and Lace

 Starting off with some preliminary sketches for a couple new bloggers I'm working with- Vanilla and Lace, and Little Chief Honeybee.  (I haven't forgotten anyone else!  Just taking me a bit longer.)  It's really important to try to get a feel for the person you're drawing, to figure out their definitive traits, and not just palette swap their haircolor/eyecolor onto a premade base.  If you respect your customers, you should always strive to provide your best work.
And Kaelah from Little Chief Honeybee.  Her Honeybean is later on in this post, and I'll composite the two sketches together before inking.

Some character design work for storyboards I'm working on.

Character design work, a doodle of a tightrope walker, and a sketch of Snooki.

Half of a Halloween sketch.  Still need to draw the fawn.

Some charm designs.

Some button designs.

More button designs.

Charm/button designs.
The Honeybean!  And some other doodles.

Packaging ideas and Heidi's cat Natsu.

An idea for a series of drawings.

Kirsten from Foiled as a magical girl.  Her baton would be a barbell with a big stupid ribbon on it.  This is basically her worst nightmare.  Oh man her leg is weeiiirrd.

Pickle's cat Misty.