Catching up on commissions

This week managed to turn hectic fast, with New York Comic Con just around the corner.  Although I do not plan to table at it, and plans to utilize the SCAD table have been foiled (budget cuts mean no SCAD table for me to work at), I still have to get together my portfolio, prepare work to take with me, and drive the 14 hours there and the 14 hours back.  I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon, and it's become a huge race to get everything done in time.

I'd wanted to get all my commissions finished before leaving, but I'm now juggling a 4 page minicomic, so unfortunately, that isn't going to happen.  I managed to get three done, which I've been teasing you guys with for the past week.  Here are the final scans.  They were rendered on plate bristol, and mounted on vellum bristol, and I'll mail them when I get back.


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