7" Kara- The Inspiration Behind this Blog

7" Kara is now live on Kickstarter!  
Pre-order a copy of Volume 2 today! 

Over the years, I've given several comic artists the opportunity to promote and discuss their comic projects and Kickstarter campaigns on the blog.  It's my sincere hope that by sharing my platform, I've helped them find new readers and achieve their project goals.  It's finally my turn to share my own Kickstarter news, and I'm excited and crazy nervous.

Usually, when I invite another artist to share their Kickstarter news here, I try to interview them, or I request that they create a tutorial of some sort.  Both help generate further interest, serve to educate those who enjoy this blog, and may increase the chances of their post being shared by readers and new fans.  I've shared a LOT of 7" Kara focused tutorials here over the years, so I thought rather than rehash, I'd link a few of my favorites to inspire!



I have a few more layout tutorials coming to the blog during the Kickstarter campaign, and hope to share my experiences with advertising, Kickstarter, and promoting a Kickstarter campaign in the near future.  Pending successful funding, I also hope to have posts on finding a printer and getting your comic projects printed in bulk (rather than using CreateSpace, which I've discussed before).