The Wait is Over! 7" Kara Returns from Hiatus!

Tomorrow!  7" Kara returns as a webcomic from a year long hiatus!  We'll be starting Chapter 7, and I can't wait to share it with you guys!

I am so excited to be able to share 7" Kara again, and even more excited that the webcomic's return coincides with the Kickstarter launch for Volume 2.   We haven't launched quite yet, but keep an eye out for the launch announcement next week!  I have big things planned!

Last year, I put 7" Kara on webcomic hiatus while I worked on completing chapters 8, the Bonus Naomi chapter, all additional book illustrations, and laid out Volume 2.  It was a difficult decision to make, as I had three chapters worth of pages I could upload, but I wanted there to be special incentive for people to back the Volume 2 Kickstarter when it launched.  Now that the launch is just around the corner, I can start sharing pages with you guys again!

I hope you'll check out 7" Kara if you haven't yet, and if you enjoy it, please consider giving me your support and backing the Volume 2 Kickstarter


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