Intro to Comic Craft: Step by Step: Introduction

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Every comic artist works a bit differently.  Some work with writers.  Some work with writers and editors.  Some work with writers, editors, inkers, colorists, letterers. 

I work alone on 7" Kara, although I've written for other artists ("A Story about Yakitori", in Ladies Night's sixth anthology, Let's Eat!) and I've drawn for writers (Gizmo Grandma: A Twisty Tale, written by Lenore Salazar).  Most of my work written, illustrated, painted, and lettered by me ("Satellite" in the SCAD Travel Anthology, "Small Blessings" in Hana Doki Kira, "Momotaro" in Once Upon a Time,  "Pretty Paladin Critical Missy" in Chainmail Bikini, "Knight School" in 1001 Knights, "Two Tools" in the Ladies Night Girl Gang Angouleme zine).  While attending SCAD, I was introduced several methods for producing comics, and refined a method that seems to work best for me.  In the Intro to Comic Craft: Step by Step series, I'm going to introduce you to my method of making comics.

What's most important is that you find a method of comic creation that works for you and your team, regardless of size.  My methods may not work for everyone- I know many artists who thumbnail rather than script, working from a very loose plot and notes.  I know artists who skip the roughs stage, refining their thumbnails into a finished page.  And I know artists who need more revision stages- roughs, tight roughs, pencils, then inks.   I encourage you to experiment with process by making mini comics- short, self contained comics anywhere from 1 page to 12 pages.  You may be surprised to find that a process that works well for a 12 page comic is overkill for a 1 page comic, and a process that works for a 1 page comic may not be robust enough for your 12 page comic. 

I do most of my work traditionally, with pencil and paper, although most artists probably prefer to work digitally.  Programs like MangaStudio (ClipStudioPaint) make creating comics digitally very easy, as there are several features (thumbnailing, entire chapter view, perspective grids, background assets, poseable dummies) designed to help with the comic creation process. 

Over the years, I've written a lot about comic process.  You may find these posts helpful:

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In my recent Intro to Comic Craft:  Process Overview, I share my general comic making process in a series of tweets, along with relevant examples.

My process:

Overall Story Synopsis
Chapter by Chapter breakdowns
Chapter Synopsis
Page by page breakdown
Character designs, environment designs, begin Pinterest chapter specific photo morgues
Script Form- Tiers, Panels, Shot direction, dialogue

Layouts and Thumbnails
Scan thumbnails, print out bluelines for roughs
Roughs (including constructive anatomy and perspective)

Print bluelines onto watercolor paper
Begin painting

Scan chapter in batch
Color correction
Dialogue/Speech Balloons

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Teens Creating Comics at the Nashville Public Library

In this step by step series, I plan on sharing every step of my process, in hopes that will inspire you to create your own comics, or at least ignite an interest in comics as a form of literature.  As I prepare to print and promote Volume 2 of 7" Kara, I may also write about the publication and printing process.

There will be some overlap between this series and my ongoing Watercolor Basics series, as I am a watercolor comic artist.  The Watercolor Basics series will focus on the painting portion of those pages, whereas the Intro to Comic Craft series will focus on the planning and execution.  If you are interested in watercolor, I highly recommend you begin reading my Watercolor Basics.

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If you enjoy comic craft content, please consider supporting my comic.  These posts are populated by content created while working on 7" Kara.


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