November and December 2016 Sketchbook Tour

Sketchbook tours are so much easier to share than sketchbook dumps.  There's no scanning, just a leisurely flip through filled pages.  You even have the opportunity to talk about the content as ideas come to you, rather than trying to write something for every piece scanned and shared.

My sketchbook contains so much more than what's shared to Instagram or Twitter.  It's a place for me to practice, to learn, and to make mistakes.  With sketch dumps, I often selected my favorite pieces, leaving out the dozens of filled pages that didn't quite make the cut.   Most of these neglected sketches are fine as sketches and studies, but a bit repetitive, and when scanning a sketchbook, it's easy to decide to skip 10 pages of gesture drawings, or 5 pages of figure studies.

That said, if you miss my sketch dumps, and enjoyed looking at my art and sketches at your own pace, please consider joining us on Patreon.  The next goal for community pledges unlocks monthly sketchbook pdfs for all backers, which means you'll see the inside of my sketchbook every month.


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