Sunday, July 10, 2016

Alcohol Marker Resource Guide

Want to start using alcohol markers, but not sure where to start? Man, oh man, have I got you covered!  Over the years, I've written dozens of posts about using alcohol markers for art and commissions, reviewing many many brands and sharing tips and tricks of how to master your markers.  And if you need moving pictures to move you, head on over on my YouTube!  From reviews to field tests to tutorials, I've got so much markery goodness, you'll have plenty to choose from.  And of course, I'm here to help if you have any specific questions, or would like to see something covered in more depth.  This post features mixed links to past blog posts as well as videos, so please check them out!  There's a lot of good stuff for you to explore.

Introductory Information

Mechacon Panel Presentation- Introduction to Alcohol Based Markers

Alcohol Based Markers Vs Waterbased Markers 

Alcohol Based, Waterbased, Watercolor

Holiday Gift Guide- A Starter Guide to Markers-- Includes recommended colors to begin sets with

Starting a Marker Collection from Scratch

Craft Tools Worth Adding To Your Studio

My Alcohol Based Marker Recommendations

Brand Overviews:

Winsor and Newton Promarkers Vs Letraset Promarkers

Chameleon Marker Overview

3 Cheap Copic Marker Alternatives:

Ali Express Marker Overview

MEXPY Marker Overview

ShinHan Twin Touch, MEXPY, and Copic Overview

Copic Superbrush (Sketch, Ciao) Vs. Copic Optional Nib (Original)

Marker Reviews:

Conda Markers

Shang Hai Touoh (from Ali Express)

Finecolour Sketch 

Peter Pauper


Artist's Loft

Kurecolor Brush and Fine

Letraset Tria Pantone

Prismacolor (update coming soon!)

Bic Mark It

Shin Han Twin Touch

TriArt Mini


Blick Markers, Blick Studio Markers, Utrecht Design Markers

Spectrum Noir


Concept and Fab

Marvy LePlume




Pantone Universe Twin


Art Markers (Hobby Lobby)

Letraset Flex

Chartpak AdPro

KureColor S

Winsor and Newton Promarker and Brushmarker

Coming Soon:

Ironlak Strikers

Marvy LePlume Fine

Double line Markers (Ali Express)


Spectra AD

Spectrum Noir G2 with Brush replacement

Paper Reviews:

Pacon Art1st Marker Pad (includes color recommendations and a tutorial)

Field Tests:

Prismacolor Markers:


Inking for Markers: 

Tips for Inking Sailor Mitsuo Aida Tutorial

Inking a Cartoon Girl Timelapse

Brushpen Inking Demonstration


Skintones and Skies in Alcohol Marker

Diving In to Copic Wides and Alcohol Misters

Making Alcohol Misters

Copic and Watercolor Mixed Media Tutorial

Mixing Copics and Watercolor

Using Marker with Watercolor

Skin Basics, Freckles, Hair Clothes

Creating a Color Wash with Copic Markers

ArtSnacks and SketchBox Challenge (Masking Frisket demonstration)

UCreate SketchBook Review (several techniques demonstrated in detail)

Working With Markers (guest post)

e.k Tools Journaling and Calligraphy Pens (color lineart for alcohol based markers)

Creating Plaid Patterns

Toning Sketches with Copics


Mexpy and Copic Marker Timelapse

And there are dozens more tutorials, overviews, field tests, and tutorials still in my editing queue, so there should be lots more markery goodness in the months to come!  If there's something specific you'd like to see me cover in a future video, why not send me an email using the handy dandy email widget on the left hand side and let me know what you'd like to see!  I'd love to hear from you.

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