Monday, July 18, 2016

New SketchBook Downloads in Shop

Right before I left for Louisiana in June, I spent three weeks burning the midnight oil selecting, scanning, mastering, and laying out sketches.  The end result?  Two BRAND NEW, 2016 Sketchbooks, assembled at home by me with love (and some cursing) for your enjoyment.  I did so many field tests, demonstrations, and tutorials this year, I wanted to include some of the art generated from those, so there's a black and white sketchbook full of sketches, and a FULL COLOR (omg) sketchbook full of watercolors, markers, mixed media, and more.  Buy just one, buy both, or digitally give them to a friend, whatever you do, if you enjoy my work, you should CHECK THEM OUT.

I'll have physical copies available at Mechacon, Akaicon, Handmade and Bound, and NOCAZfest, so if you need it in the tree flesh, hit up me up there, or send me an email.

Black and White Sketchbook- Let Sleeping Cats Lie

Full Color Sketchbook- ...Or Else They'll Drink Your Watercolor Water