Sunday, July 31, 2016

Drawing Resources

Looking for a little extra drawing help?  Some encouragement, tutorials, or demonstrations?  Below are all free resources to help you get started drawing, and if you check the recommended reading section of my sidebar, you'll find even more great stuff.  Let the internet be your art school!

If you have any questions, or would like to see additional tutorials or follow ups, demonstrations of a particular technique, or an explanation that had been left hanging, please send me an email using the handy email form to your left!  I'm always looking for new suggestions, and I'd love to hear from you.

Some of these are blog posts, some of these are videos, and some of these are outside resources that do such an excellent job at covering topics that there's no need for me to throw in my two cents.  All of the resources listed are freely available on the internet for anyone to peruse.

Figure Drawing Resources


Figure Drawing Demo  (blog post)
Figure Drawing Demonstration (video)
Demonstrating my Sketching Tools (video)
Intro to Comic Craft:  Roughing it  (video)
Chibi Kara Illustration Timelapse (video)
ArtSnacks Challenge February 2016 (video)
Drawing Process- Pencil Sketch (blog post)
Facial Anatomy and Construction(blog post, older)
Anatomy of a Clay Man (blog post, older)
ASE Panel- Anatomy Presentation:  (presentation with slideshow)
Very Basic Human Anatomy/Figure Drawing (very old, blog post, may be hard to read)
Guest Post: Tips and Tricks for Drawing Women of Various Body Types  (blog post, NSFW)
Anatomical Construction (blog post, NSFW)

Outside Resources

Senshi Stock Archive
Senshi Stock Website
Senshi Stock Drawing Tool
Senshi Stock Tumblr
Pixelovely (NSFW, drawing tool)

Perspective Resources


What is Perspective? (outside resource)
Perspective in the Panels:  Intro to Comic Craft  (video)
Intro to Comic Craft:  You Need Perspective (video)
Perspective Grids (blog post)
Bravest Warriors: The Search for Catbug Process  (blog post, double page spread process)
Creating Dynamic Backgrounds for Comics: Part 1: Drawing Thumbnails (outside resource, video)
Creating Dynamic Backgrounds for Comics: Part 2: Two-Point Perspective Images (outside resource, video)
Creating Dynamic Backgrounds for Comics: Part 3: Rules of Illusion (outside resource, video)
Creating Dynamic Backgrounds for Comics: Part 4: Implied Realism (outside resource, video)
COMPOSITIONS: How to Arrange Items within a Panel (outside resource, video)

Mixed Resources

The Famous Artist Course (on Scribe, PDF)

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