Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Going to SPX

I've been sitting on this good news for awhile, but I've been waiting until the convention was closer to announce it.  I'll be sharing a table with Emily Kluwin at SPX this year.  It'll be my first time attending the Small Press Expo, but I've done MoCCA-Fest for a couple years, and Fluke a year back, so I think I'm ready.  This year I'll have plenty of goodies for kids young and old alike including:

  • 7" Kara Chapter 1
  • 7" Kara Chapter 2
  • When I was 13- I Rediscovered Cartoons
  •  My 2013 Ashcan
  • Mini watercolors
  • Commissions 
To give you a taste of what to expect from me, here's a photo from my most recent convention, Mechacon.

Recently, my newest baby arrived- my InkIt double sided clear acrylic charms.  I'd hoped to have them by Mechacon, but I'm still really excited to debut them at SPX.  I plan on doing a full product review soon, but here's a little peek.

New for this half of my convention year are dinosaur buttons.  So far I have stegosaurus, triceratops. apatosaurus, plesiosaur, and a duck bill, but I hope to add some more predatory dinos soon.

 Since I was so disappointed not to have my charms in time for Mechacon, I whipped up some extra large (2.5") buttons complete with glitter and rhinestones in my three favorite designs.

And used my button machine to make some nifty new keychains.

And finally, some Legend of Zelda fairies, which may or may not appear on my table, depending on what's moving at SPX.

So make sure you stop by A7 if you're going to SPX.  I hope to see you guys there!