Mini Watercolors for Mechacon

I thought I at least posted some of these, but going through my blog, I can't find em.  So if you've seen these one too many times, I apologize, I thought it'd be nice to have em all in one place.

I'm going to have these little cuties at Mechacon, and they aren't YET listed in my shop just yet, so if you see one you can't live without, just send me an email and I'll hold it for you. 

 A couple little Solid Snakes of the box and party variety. 

 A Chibi-Ratsu scratchin' at fleas.

 A Lumpy Space Princess with iridescent stars.

 A Chocobo.

Sailor Scouts!

 Rei was always such a pair of sasssyboots, but she's probably my least favorite inner senshi. 

 Whereas Venus is one of my favorites.
 Can't have enough Sailor Venus, right?

 Though some Sailor Moon is a good thing too.

 A blurry Lady Rainicorn ATC.

My other favorite scout, Sailor Jupiter!

Man, her and Sailor Venus are my BFF OTP.  They can go boy crazy together while Makoto makes awful puns while Mina plays vidoegames.

 A test watercolor to see if the simple style of watercoloring holds up ok for more complicated styles.

 Sailor Mercury!

And more Sailor Jupiter.

A two-fer--the Lemongrabs.

How about some ponies?

A Pinkie Pie?

An Applejack?
 Or a Rainbow Dash?

What about some nostalgia, then?

Like a Jem?

Or a couple Sakuras from Card Captor Sakura?

And last but not least, a real blast from the past, Rumiko Takihashi's Lum.


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