Tokyo Trip Art Dump

The name of the game during this trip was 'in the moment', so there isn't a lot of finished work here.  I used three sketchbooks on this trip: my usual 9x12" which quickly got filled (I'd started with a half finished one to begin with), a 5x7" Moleskin (oh how I hate thee, let me count the ways), and a teensy tiny 1x2" notebook for sketching on the JR.  In between many of the drawings are journal entries, notes to myself so I can write that mega Japan trip post later on in the month, but those've been cropped for your pleasure.
EDIT:  A pagebreak has been inserted so as not to break feedreaders.  Thanks Pickles for bringing it to my attention!

Unfinished Copic tonal render at the Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shrine

Archery Gestures at the Meiji Shrine

Gestures at the Meiji Shrine

Gestures at the Meiji Shrine

Gestures at the Meiji Shrine

Archery Notes

Meiji Shrine

Sketches from our first Japanese restaurant, a noodle place near Shinjuku

Gesture with a Maxon comic pen

Outfit sketch

Sketches at Sensoji Temple using a china marker

Allergies forced me into a facemask

Gesture sketches of classmates

We spent our third day hitting up neighborhood temples, so these sketches are from a variety of Buddhist temples.

We visited the temple with the most torii (information I'm going to have to look up).

We visited a fashion museum.  I would've loved to include pictures, but they weren't allowed in the museum, and I hadn't brought pencil colors.

Studies of ikat designs

Stage at the Tokyo Edo Museum.

Studies at Tokyo Edo Museum

Classmate gesture studies

Sketches from the car show at Tokyo Big Site

Adorable kid studies.

Pencilled in a concept from earlier in the trip, inspired by the Fashion Museum

A tiny yakitori place off Nakano Broadway.  By tiny, I mean tiny, MAYBE 8'x10' total.

I REALLY hate Moleskin paper.  Is it good for ANYTHING?

Sketches from the Imperial Garden

Sketch from Tokyo Tower.

I seriously hate Moleskin paper.  It buckles under bluelead, and ink takes an eternity to dry.

Pathetic sketches from the Ghibli Museum.  In my defense, I had a fever.

Sketches from the History and Science Museum in Ueno Park

Schoolgirl uniform sketch.

Heidi dragged me to a cat cafe.  Instead of chasing disinterested cats around, I drew them.

Concepts for a kids show.

Sketches at the airport.

This is the tiny, JR sketchbook.  These were all drawn while the train was moving, some sitting, some standing.


  1. Really nice art dump! I tried to remember my time in Taiwan but ended up just taking photos because we hardly stayed in one place for too long. I wish I had time to sketch more then. I about passed out every night. XD

  2. I particularly like your brush-pen sketches. You typically have very tight construction, and seeing your 'loose' brush pen sketches alongside the constructed drawings makes for an interesting comparison. I think they're both strong, but part of me leans towards the brush-pen sketches because I like their almost chaotic nature. It's visually appealing to me.


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