Monday, December 05, 2011

Materials- Heidi

A look into the ever generous Heidi's pencil case and inking box.  We should be in Tokyo right now, but if you have any questions about the materials she uses, consider leaving her a comment or sending her a tweet (@electricabyss).

Pencil bag and contents:

Pencil bag (gift from a friend) with charms

Staedler Mars nonphoto blue pencils

Mechanical colored pencils: light blue, violet, and green (.07)

Mechanical pencil F lead .05
Mechanical pencils HB lead .05
Mechanical pencil B lead .05

Drafting pencil

Plastic eraser
6" ruler
.07 light blue refil lead
Small scissors
Pencil sharpener
Ames lettering guide
Watercolor pen filled with Windsor & Newton ink

Inking box contents:

3 space inking box (with rings I took off in it)
soap travel case used for nibs and brush cleaner (variety of speedball A, B, and C nibs, as well as 107, 104, 102 and G-nibs.

Nib pen holders

White goache


Pitt Pens: M (its junky)
B (I use these mostly for doing panel borders)

White gel pen

Copic multiliners: .35, .25, .1, .05, .03 (x4)

Micron 05 (also junky.)

staedler mars blue pencil

Windsor and Newton series 7 brushes, #1 and #2. I like the #2 better, I do almost everything with it.

Other various brushes for texture and watercoloring.

Clik eraser