Thursday, December 15, 2011

An Average Workday

I think there’s a fair amount of variety in the schedules of comic and illustration artists, so I don’t think mine is anywhere near ‘typical’.   My schedule varies even from other SCAD graduate students, since I’m taking two classes a semester all year long so I can better focus on absorbing the material taught in class.

I generally attend one 2 ½ hour class each day, waking up two hours before it starts, leaving my home 45 minutes before class, and returning home for the day two to three hours after class has ended.  My mornings are spent taking a quick bath, getting dressed, and finishing up whatever homework needs finishing (usually this just means scanning and putting my files on my thumbdrive).  If I don't have anything pressing to do, I may sketch, read comics or instructional books, or watch something on Netflicks.

 During those two to three hours after class, I’m usually with the Rascals Rogues and Dames (we’re basically studio-mates), talking comics or shop, and depending on what I’m working on, I may spend some time working in the grad lab with the other graduate students.  I don't like working in the grad lab, however, as 1. I dislike working on Macs and need to bring my Vaio if I'm doing something digital, 2. With all the new grads, there isn't a lot of available work space, and 3. The grad lab is kept WAY.  TOO.  COLD.  Beyond jacket cold.  Numb hands cold.

When I return home, I check my email, do a little social networking, and get to work an hour after that.  I work an 8 hour stretch most nights, either doing classwork or sketching/studying, and may update my blog during that time.  My schedule really varies based on how heavy the course load, these times are for a lighter semester, during a heavier semester I may spend 12+ working each day.  I base my sleeping habits around my classes, I have no problem being a night-owl if my classes are later in the day, I usually work better with fewer distractions.  I’ll work harder closer to deadlines (a page a day sort of thing), and once I hit a goal, I’ll usually put that project aside for the day, to give myself time to think.  I don’t do comics in my sparetime because I don’t like juggling too many balls at once, but I don’t have a problem doing concept work or planning while working on a different comic.  I'll often take on commissions any time that isn't finals, so my work schedule is actually fairly consistent, whether or not I'm attending classes.