Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Art Supplies (for YOU~!)

While I was in Japan, I thought to myself "how can I share the bounty that is cheap Japanese art supplies with my followers and friends, while still benefitting myself".  The answer hit me like a smackeral of mackeral to the face:  A giveaway where you earn your chance to win by commenting!

It's genius, really.  You leave good comments, you increase your chances of winning.  A good comment is any comment that contributes positively to this blog- pointing out an omission, providing information, sharing relevant links, offering critique and criticism.  Basically, a good comment contributes content.  On February 3rd (my dad's birthday, but this is of no relevance to you), I shall tally up the comments and announce the winner.  At any time, you may read through the archives and see who's got the most comments, and hustle your bustle to beat 'em.  It's all out in the open for you to keep track of, no ugly surprises.

Now, I wouldnt ask so much of my readers if I didn't have a really good prize pack to share.  This is what I consider essential- the tools I swear by.

You'll have to excuse the crummy photography.  In my haste to share this bounty with you guys, I couldn't wait for the sun to come up, and the lighting in my apartment is dim and depressing and doesn't suit my finicky camera.
Already you can tell through the see-through case that this thing is packed full of goodies.
Yes, grainy photography REALLY makes you want to compete for my favor.  It may be time to invest in a better camera.
I mean, check out this spread- I really went all out.  These are the supplies I swear by (with exception of the Eno Color in .7, I honestly could not find ANY Uni Color in non photo blue in .7, not for me, not for you, not for the love of all that is holy).  You get not one, but TWO mechanical pencils- the light blue plastic one is for your non photo blue lead, the heavy duty metal Pentel GraphGear1000 (with retractable sleeve, heck yeah) is for your fancy B high purity graphite that I've kindly included.  You get a knock type Mono eraser as well as one of those teeny teeny tiny Mono erasers for the small fiddy bits, and a big hulkin' Mono eraser for entire drawings that just must go, a Signo white gel pen (the Cadillac of gel pens, IMO), as well as a fine tipped ball point pen (I swear by these for sketching).  I don't even WANT to tally up the cost, because it was a princely sum, and I'm going to have it shipped to you, dear commenter with the most to contribute, by mid Feb.

Lets go in for the brand name close ups:

As you can see, I deliver the good stuff.  And I know you want it.  So get commentin'!