A very Zeon Christmas

The scan is pretty awful, the original is much better blended.  I've tweaked it a bit, but I can't recreate the original.

This is the rest of my little brother's Christmas present.  He's a huge Gundam fan (with Zeonic leanings), so I brought him a bunch of Zaku stuff from Japan, and drew him as a Zeon officer to round it out.  I'd considered doing the traditional salute, but decided it was a little too "Hail Hitler" for me, and thought that having him stand at attention would be a better choice.  My younger brother's a bit on the plus size, so I waffled between drawing him 'as is' (which has the potential of coming off as offensive) and slimming him down a bit.  Fortunately, the Zeon officer's uniform forgives a lot of sins, so while he'd be the huskiest officer in the bunch, he wouldn't come off as being too fat.  When drawing commissions, there's a fine line between being too honest and being generic.  A major complaint I've received from family (brother excluded) was that I'd drawn him too thin, but Devin really liked it.  I'll probably add a bit of shading around him, so it's not so stark, and mail it off.  It's always very gratifying when you can draw something for a family member and they appreciate it.


  1. Aww he looks good to me. Then again I don't know what your brother really looks like. XD I like the pose at attention. :)

    I'm a little jealous, wish my siblings would be easily pleased with a drawing from me. XD My mom is probably the only one who would care...but then again, she's my mom. lol

  2. @Aisazia And I'm jealous of YOU, because I don't think my mom would ever appreciate anything I drew for her, unless it was religious.

  3. @Nattosoup Awww, lol I should draw for her more. She loves sewing machines and sewing so she's craft oriented too. I'm glad she appreciates it. Yeah religious pictures can be tough...XD

  4. The fact that you have a brother you can draw in an anime outfit is pretty darn cool, IMO. I saw this in person way back when and I have to say this is one where the scanner definitely did knock down the quality a whole lot. People seem to think artists exaggerate when they say scanners butcher their work, but man, it happens so much. There's just no way to replicate having the original in your hands.


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