Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

This has nothing to do with the actual content of this post, but I'm curious how many people associate my Twitter with this blog.  It's intended to be an accessible companion to Keep on Truckin' Nattosoup, and it's where I post links to other artistic resources, post photos of my sketches nearly as soon as they're finished, and generally just gush about comics.  The more we interact, the better I can provide quality content, so feel free to send a tweet @Nattosoup any time.

Anyway, this year I thought I'd share my 2012 resolutions with you guys.  I've long given up ridiculous resolutions such as 'lose x pounds' or 'work out more', since lets face it, that doesnt actually help anyone.  I'm much better at meeting professional goals, and hopefully sharing them here will shame me into keeping all of them.

So in 2012, I'd like to:

Grow my blog
Set more goals
Devise a better overall design for my blog
Publicize/advertise more
Be a force for good
Draw more comics
Loosen up artistically (and socially)
Do more gesture sketches/sketch more from life
Take more risks
Promote positivity
Form alliances with other artists
Sell out at MoCCA
Work on 7" Kara
Do more Follow Fridays
Feature more guest posts
Interact with those who inspire me
Read more
Do more commissions
Talk to Scholastic
Put out a really nice con sketchbook
Keep the apartment cleaner
Share more
Start Livestreaming again
Be a better friend
Take time for myself
Ask for what I need
Laugh more
Look for inspiration
Ask more questions
Say 'yes' more often
Post Japan stuff
Have more adventures
Take more reference photos to share
Be more honest
Make new friends
Create a personal brand
Smile more
Be nicer to Tech Boy
Utilize website
Be positive
Streamline commissions
Spend more money chasing my dreams and less on clothes
Life the life I want
Be grateful
See the good in others
Study art for me, not just for comics
Challenge myself
Work faster
Be more zen
Contribute more to SEQAlab
Talk to editors