I Return...Alive!

I've returned from Japan, SD cards full of photos and videos, sketchbooks full of journal entries and sketches, and brain full of stories. As excited as I am to share all this with you guys, I need a little time to sort through my inbox, reply to some commission emails, get some sketches crackin', and unpack my suitcases (both mental and physical).

It might be hard to believe, but I didn't have a lot of opportunity for internet access while in Japan. Fortunately, I had a crack team of tech people (ok, just ONE Tech Guy) here in the states to help keep things smooth. While I was gone, he's implemented a reply system for comments, so we'll finally be able to keep a dialogue going. During the holiday season, I'll be working on commissions, comics, trying to streamline the blog, and hopefully getting the website itself going. I've picked up some nifty little things in Japan, some to review and some to share with you guys.

If you don't follow my Twitter, I've announced a new contest. To the person with the most overall comments on my blog (and it has to be comments that contribute SOMETHING, not just 'lol nice' [of which I have yet to get any, so don't worry about that]) goes a prize pack full of the supplies I consider essential to my daily drawing and comicing life, including a Pentel GraphGear1000. I'll post more information and pictures hopefully tomorrow, but in the meantime, get commenting!

I've got guest posts and pre-written posts scheduled to update until the 16th of December, but I don't plan on getting lazy, especially since I've got a lot of exciting new material to cover. I look forward to sharing my trip with you guys in the very near future, and I've decided, that with your help, I'd like to make guest posts a permanent feature of this blog. If you're an artist, designer, or comic/illustration art enthusiast with something to share, send me an email at rhillbur at uno dot edu and we can talk. There are plenty of topics that I'd love to have covered, and I'm always interested in showcasing the processes of other artists.

As always, I'm interested in your thoughts and input in making this blog a better place, as well as in garnering artistic critique to improve my work. There's a variety of ways you can contact me- leave a comment on the blog, send me an email (rhillbur at uno dot edu), or even talk to me on Twitter (Nattosoup). I'd love to get a conversation going!


  1. Are you going to post the pictures you took?

  2. @Philip D Of course! But not tonight. I actually have a LOT of media that needs to be sorted through. I don't want to inundate my blog with bad photography.


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