Monday, April 02, 2018

Recent Watercolor Illustrations

February and early March were busy months for watercolor!  Between Chinese New Year, celebrating the one year launch anniversary for 7" Kara, ALAC submissions, and a few field tests, I did a lot of painting late winter.  I don't share my art here often enough, so here are a few of my favorite watercolor or watercolor-esque pieces.

Chinese New Year Watercolor Illustration

This illustration was a gift to friends hosting a small Chinese New Year party.  I wanted something simple but cute to give as thanks for inviting us.

Check out the process!

One Year Launchiversary Illustration
kidlit art, watercolor illustration

For this piece, I asked my Artnerds what they wanted to see, and a resounding number voted for Pancake the kitten under a stack of pancakes.  The end result is undeniably cute!

Check out the process!

Launchivesary/Mijello Field Test

Check out the process!

ALAC Submission Illustrations

ALAC (a librarian conference) is going to be in New Orleans this year, so of course, I had to put in!  I really wanted to knock it out of the park with my auction submission, so I created two pieces and allowed my Twitter friends and Artnerds to vote on which they preferred.

Read to Your Pets
watercolor, kidlit art

Curled Up in a Good Book
Cajun Night Before Christmas, watercolor, kidlit art

Process videos coming to Youtube soon!

Holbein Field Test Piece
Holbein field test, Holbein watercolors, flowercrown, cute girl, watercolor

Process videos coming to Youtube soon!

Pentel Brushpen Tests

On Strathmore Watercolor Paper
Pentel Brushpens on watercolor paper

On Canson Mixed Media Paper

Process Videos coming to Youtube soon!

Sennelier Watercolor Field Test
Sennelier watercolor, kidlit art

Kabocha sent a small testing set of Sennelier Artist Grade watercolors as an early birthday present (as well as a lovely 8"x8" pad of Arches cold press), and I had to get field testing!


Full review and tutorial coming soon!

I hope you guys enjoyed my watercolor tour for late winter!

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