Wednesday, April 06, 2016

My Pain is Your Gain- 7 Inch Kara Chapter 5 Preview

I had a horrible realization today-  Chapter 5, which had been color corrected, lettered, and in the can for months had actually not survived the transfer from old Surface Pro to OneDrive to Google Drive.  All that remains of the finished pages is the cover, meaning I have to rescan, re color calibrate, and re letter all of Chapter 5.

While juggling painting Chapter 6.

While attending conventions.

I am at peace with it now.

That's not to say I didn't have a few moments of howling grief.   I may have screamed (a lot).  This seems to happen to me more often than other artists- perhaps because I have so many balls in the air.  Redo Chapter 5?  That's ridiculous, I already have so much to do in March.  I'm already struggling to keep my head above water.  I'm already horribly overwhelmed.

But once I'd cried myself out, and felt only numbness, I started scanning.  Sure, there are times I'd really like to walk away from all of this- the blog, the YouTube channel, even comics.  There are times where I feel like nothing I do matters, when people do read what I've created, they take away the wrong impression, and that all this is futile.  But I also know you can't fight futility by giving up.

You apparently can't rely on One Drive and Google Drive to sync when they're supposed to.  So take a lesson from me, and check that in triplicate, and if you have it, store important stuff on physical hard drives.  That's what I thought I had done, but apparently I hadn't.  And believe me, I frantically checked it all- Google Drive's trash, One Drive's backup of deleted files, all my flash and hard drives.  Nada.  It was like I'd never scanned those pages in the first place.  I've never had anything disappear so cleanly without a complete hard drive failure back in the dark ages.

And since I went to all the trouble of rescanning and color correcting Chapter 5, I figured I should make you guys look at it.  Force you to consume parts of it.  If I'm going to go to all the trouble of redoing the chapter, I might as well show it off to people. 

So here's a few unlettered but otherwised finished pages from Chapter 5 of my ongoing comic, 7" Kara.  If you like what you see and you haven't yet, please check out Volume 1, which is Chapter 1-4, on my online shop.

If you enjoyed this sample, please be on the looking for Volume 2 of 7" Kara in the next two years.  Currently, I'm painting Chapter 6 (and working on a How I Make Comic series-- it's a lot of work!), which will put me 50 pages deep into Volume 2 when it's finished.  You can find Volume 1, which is currently out, in my online shop.  When my Patreon hits $75, all backers, regardless of pledge level, will have PDF access to 7" Kara Volume 1, and I have plans for instant-access to Volume 2 pages for backers in the works.