1000 YouTube Subscriber Giveaway!- NOW CLOSED

Now ended.  Thank you for your interest, and keep checking, because I have plans for 2.5k and 5k giveaways coming up!

My YouTube has just reached an exciting milestone- 1k subscribers!  To celebrate, I'm hosting a giveaway- I'm giving away a carefully curated set of Blick Studio Brush markers to one lucky winner!  The rules are simple- pick one of the below prompts to answer in the comments of my 1k Subscriber Giveaway Video, and you're entered to win.

Prompt 1.  What's the first thing you plan on illustrating with your new alcohol markers?  Please be specific.

Prompt 2.  What first inspired you to pick up a pencil/paintbrush/wire and start creating art?

Prompt 3.  Who is your favorite artist, and what is one enduring lesson you've taken from their work and applied to your own?

Prompt 4.  What is one thing you'd like to share with other artists that you've learned during your artistic journey?

The Prize

A carefully curated set of Dick Blick Studio Brush marker alcohol markers, handpicked by me.  This set includes the 6 piece primaries set (black, canary yellow, dark green, red, ultramarine, violet) as well as 23 hand selected markers (including a blender).  Colors include:

Butter Cream
Warm Gray 10%
Gray Lavendar
Warm Gray 90%
Dark Umber
Light Umber
Warm Gray 70%
Warm Black
Coral Pink
Peach Blush
Dark Brown
Colorless Blender

These markers were purchased out of my own pocket, with no donated items.

The Rules:

  • This giveaway is not affiliated with, or sponsored by YouTube or DickBlick, it is sponsored by Nattosoup Studio Art and Process Blog, and Nattosoup Studio's Patreon.  Contestants must be 18 of age or older to win, or must have a parent's written consent emailed to me at becca.hillburn at gmail dot com. Failure to procure this consent unfortunately results in forfeiture of the prize.
  • Winner will not be determined until May 1st or after- please do not inquire prior to then.  Prize will be shipped out after winner is announced, at the cost of Nattosoup Studio.
  • Multiple entries by same contestant will be deleted- if you would like to change your answer, please edit or delete your initial comment by April 28th.
  • Winner must post reply to the comments section of my 1k Giveaway video, not to the comments on this post or through email.
  • Winner is chosen at my discretion- based on my opinion of 'best answer'.
  • Winner will be contacted by me after announcement is made.
  • All responses must be civil and safe for work.  Any responses that are rude, disrespectful, inflammatory, or overly graphic will be deleted and will not be up for consideration.

I plan on picking a winner (based on best response)  by May 1st, and the winner announcement should be up on both the YouTube and this blog by May 2nd.  You do not need to be a subscriber to enter, nor do you need to be a regular reader of this blog.  This giveaway is just a way to show my appreciation and excitement for hitting 1k subscribers, and to share an under appreciated alcohol marker brand with people who might enjoy it.

If you haven't checked my YouTube channel out yet, and you enjoy this blog, I highly recommend you make it a priority to give it a glance.  Just like with this blog, I share reviews, tutorials, demonstrations, and sketchbook tours, but in living, breathing movement.  If you're having difficultly getting the knack of a technique, seeing it in motion may be just what you need.


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