Gumroad Shop Launch

My Patreon just hit nine weeks of activity, and we're closing in on a couple of exciting tiers- the free mini comics tier ($60 a month), access to my digital paper assets ($90)  the access to my digital assets tier ($150, will update monthly), and the digital access to 7" Kara Volume 1 Tier ($75).  To help facilitate distributing those rewards, I've set up a Gumroad shop (I've had an account for awhile) where customers can purchase digital copies of my digital art assets like watercolor paper scans, mini comics, and sketchbooks, and Patrons will have coupons to download those rewards.

To give you a sample of the goodies in store, I've uploaded the never before seen Concept Art mini sketchbook from 7" Kara Volume 1 to the store, and set the price to free, so you guys can check it out.  If you'd like to make a donation, that's much appreciated as well.

For those of you who'd like to support my work, a digital copy of Volume 1 of 7" Kara is available for $5, as are digital copies of my current minis.  There's also a HUGE mini compilation that includes all of the minis I created while at SCAD, the alcohol marker review book, and a couple of my sketchbooks, so if you're interested in checking out the work produced while attaining a Masters Degree in Sequential Art, you should check that out.

I currently also have copies of my 2015 minis, Magical Girl March and Favorite Fictional Femmes available as PDFS,if you've missed seeing me at a con and would like to check either of them out.  As the year progresses, I'll continue to upload digital art assets, sketchbooks, and minis to my shop, so please consider adding it to your Favorites list.

If you become a Patreon backer, you'll have access to all of these once those goals are met, so if you're interested in long-game support, joining the Nattosoup Studio community would be a fantastic way to gain access to comics, sketchbooks, and help fund blog posts and future videos.  Current backers get a weekly newsletter outlining everything that has been posted to this blog and to the sister YouTube channel, as well as sneak peeks into ongoing projects, including 7" Kara Volume 2 progress.  Backers have already unlocked bonus monthly marker and watercolor tutorials, as well as an end of the month, Backer Only Request Livestream event.


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