Wedding Announcement Commission

I meant to post this sooner, but not too long ago, I was commissioned to illustrate a wedding announcement.  The commissioner, Flavia, wanted me to use my simpler style with some background.

Usually for simple style commissions, I let the limited palette of my Sakura Koi travel watercolor set be my guide.  For this commission, I wanted to deliver something a little bit more special, and since the Koi set is limited to 12 colors, I went for my more nuanced palette option.  For comic pages and large commissions, I use a custom assembled pan watercolor palette that was cobbled together from a variety of half pan watercolor brands.

Even though I had a variety of color options, I intentionally opted for a muted palette, which allowed me a softer atmosphere.  I limited the major colors used- rose, indigo, blue green, chocolate brown to avoid the composition becoming too busy.

I really enjoy having the ability and opportunity to create personalized illustrations.  Being able to help someone commemorate a special event or help them capture a likeness is a lot of fun for me, and doing commissions is a great way for me to stretch my wings skill-wise while still being able to work on my longer projects.


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