Late November Through Mid December Sketchdump

I sat on that last artdump so long that it looks like there's going to be two back to back.  That's fine, it makes me look sorta prolific.

I actually have a lot more sketched in, but I need to finish it out before scanning.

I always seem to ride the fence about whether or not to offer fanart at conventions, particularly prints.  Here's some kid Sailor Scout doodles.

I managed to add my Upcoming Conventions list back to the sidebar, so you may have noticed that I'll be attending FWA this weekend.  I decided it'd be fun to whip up an anthro persona, sorta based on the design I came up with for my AC:NL villager, an axolotl.

A few Kara noodles while I work on Chapter 4.

 Expression Practice Based on Japanese Emoji

I've read that a good expression exercise is to interpret emoji as expressions.  I picked a few of my favorite to interpret.

Alex requested I draw a mountain goat person, so here's a girl and her younger brother.  Their clothes are based on those found in the Himalayas.

And a reindeer girl based on the Sami people that hopefully will become my Christmas card this year (somehow).

And lastly, a little doodle when I was feeling particularly loved.


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