Thursday, December 19, 2013

PSA: Donation Button

Over the years, I've tested and reviewed a lot of art supplies. It started out as a way to contribute to the comic community while practicing my art skills. When I started, there weren't a lot of blogs that tested art supplies, let alone comic supplies. Sure, individual bloggers might do occasional tests, but the majority of reviews were provided by pen and stationary enthusiasts. While these reviews were insightful, we were very often interested in very different results. I really enjoy reviewing art supplies, but it tends to be expensive to do comprehensive reviews, and my disposable income has dried up for the most part. Recently, money has been tight enough that the only reviews I can afford are Art Snacks reviews, especially since Nashville, TN doesn't have the most forward-thinking (or exciting) art supply stores for comic artists.

If you enjoy or utilize my art supply reviews, there are two ways you can help! You can purchase a commission, comic, charm, or button from my Nattoshop, or you can do a micro donation via the handy 'Donate' button to the right hand of the screen. I would love to do another large scale review similar to my alcohol-based marker tests, but I need the funds to do so! I currently have the materials to do a large scale high-quality eraser review, but I haven't found the time to set it up. Other products I'm slowly collecting for large scale testing include sketching fountain pens, and I'd like to continue testing white correctional inks. If there's a product you'd like to see tested, feel free to suggest it. Your donations could help make that review possible.