September/Early October Sketchdump

September was a busy month for me, with SPX early in the month and AWA towards the end.  After SPX I rushed to finish painting Chapter 3 of Kara and start some new mini watercolors to sell at AWA, which didn't really leave me a lot of time for sketching.  This sketchdump looked a little anemic, so I included the batch of mini watercolors I did for AWA.


Instead of pencilling, I just sketchily ink things these days, and some of these were counted towards my Inktober final number.  If you want to follow along, I've been posting them to my Twitter with the hashtag #inktober.

Since Tanner's going to make a reappearance in either Chapter 5 or 6, I decided to push his design a little further away from Kara's (and Link, apparently), and used this as an excuse to doodle him and Kara interacting.

Concept for Tanner's slight redesign.  Larger nose, different hair, buck teeth, accessories (since he's a Messenger Lilliputian, and needs to travel long distances, he'd need some Accessories).

On Tumblr, someone suggested we draw ourselves in our favorite Halloween costumes as a drawing prompt.  I took it in the opposite direction, and drew my least favorite costume, a costume that cost me Trick-or-Treating one year, as I threw a massive fit.  I think parents are obligated to dress baby as a pumpkin at least one year, but three is just torture.

Figure Drawing and Sartorial Sketches

Original reference via Pixelovely and The Sartorialist.

Mini Watercolors

As always, most of my mini watercolors are based on properties I enjoy as a consumer, or properties that espouse values I uphold.
Bulma, from Dragon Ball.

Calcifer from Howl's Moving Castle.  Even with color correction, this scan isn't kind to the original.

Everyone's favorite moment from Final Fantasy VII, along with a list of the nececssary items for true perfection.

Howl and Sophie.

Lum from  Urusei Yatsura.


Neo Queen Serenity

Sailors Neptune and Uranus.

Sailors Pluto and Saturn


Ranma and Akane

Sailor V

Pokemon Artist Trading Cards








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