7 Inch Kara Halloween Watercolor

Sometimes when working on a commission or gift art for someone, I'll get a really neat idea and won't be able to let it go until I've utilized it in my personal work.

 Recently I've done a couple pieces that utilize concentrated liquid watercolors to make a mottled nighttime sky in conjunction with masking areas of color and spraying white ink with a toothbrush.  I really liked how those pieces turned out, and wanted to do a seasonal piece with Kara.  Usually I don't get to do finished seasonal drawings, since my schedule frees up after the holiday has passed, but I managed to knock this one out somewhat early.

Blick Watercolor Paper (not my favorite, but I paid for it, so I'm going to use it)
Half Pan watercolors, mostly Winsor&Newton, but some Van Dyke in there
Dr PH Martin's Concentrated Liquid Watercolors
White ink


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