Nekocon Announcement

I've known that I would be tabling at Nekocon since July, but I've held off doing a con announcement until the last minute, since I was waiting for Nekocon to announce table numbers.  Unfortunately, they're still working on assigning those, and since I'll be wearing a uniform of sorts at my table, I may be difficult to find with neither a table number to give you guys, nor my usual appearance to rely on.

To that end, I whipped up this little doodle.  I'm not sure what I'll be wearing clothes-wise just yet, but I'd say it's a pretty good bet I'll be wearing a dress.  And I'll definitely be wearing this ridiculous, curly pastel wig.  I'm sharing a table with Heidi Black, and our table is candy-store themed, so she made us a pair of matching cat ears for extra ridiculousness.

Basically, keep your eyes out for the Nattosoup banner and a tired girl with a pastel wig, and you've probably found me.  Don't let my under-eye baggage deter you, please stop by and say hi!

As soon as I have a table number, I'll be posting it.


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