Cover Drafts

If you have a preferred version, please state which in the comments below, and I'll take it into consideration.

View of TV screen is technically incorrect, but I felt it was the strongest choice storytellingwise.
TV is removed entirely.  If I actually went with this, I'd probably change the circle around the kids a bit to better reflect the actual placement of the TV.
Viewing angle has been corrected for TV, can see wall behind TV, VCR is at a bit of a wonky angle.
Wall behind TV has been blacked out, less distracting.  VCR still has wonky angle.
TV Screen has been removed.

Angle on VCR is corrected, still no screen on TV.
Screen on TV, angle on VCR fixed.


  1. I like the first and the last the best. The first because of the items on the screen but you're right about the inaccuracies of the tv. I liked the last one because it looked liked you fixed it a bit.

    My favorite is V7. Although I think if we were viewing the children more in front of them than above, the picture frames would be viewed from behind and we'd see the back. I think you were trying to view them more from above which indicates the way you drew the picture frames. Was just a little confused about that. :D

  2. V3 > V1 >> V2 >>>> V4 > V7 >>> V6 > V5


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