Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Advanced Inking Techniques: Assignment 2

This week's batch of ink renderings focused on familiarizing us with utilizing a brush for inking.  Although I've long used a brushpen in my comics, I'm not really a fan of a regular inking brush, and have avoided using one since my Materials and Techniques class over a year ago.   My excuses have been varied, from "I don't know what sort of brush to buy" (a Winsor Newton Series 7 works fine, just make sure you buy one with a good tip from the start) to "I don't know how to care for one, so the bristles ALWAYS splay" (I demonstrate that here), to "I'm too heavy handed/my hand shakes too badly" (this one is true, it makes doing brushwork tedious and difficult, and sometimes the results are so varied that you can't even tell the pieces are by the same person).  Just like every thing in art and life, inking with a brush takes patience and practice.

The requirements for this week's assignment were the same as last week's , we had to complete 8 renderings, each lasting at least one hour, with topics ranging from animal to landscape.  Each of my renderings took over an hour (usually two, sometimes three) to complete, and I've recorded all but one, and plan on uploading those videos (edited for time, of course) to Youtube shortly.

Animal- Chinchilla

Costume- from 'Evening Dresses', I changed the ethnicity of the model, and softened her facial expression from "bitchy disinterest" to "huh?  wha?"

Figure from imagination, which I'm pretty displeased with.  I drew a character I rarely draw (Tanner, from 7" Kara) hoping to get some practice in and do some concept work, and it turned out a hot mess.

Household object- a French press!  My household object renderings very much have a 'coffee' theme, I hope to release a printset at the end of the semester.

Exterior of a house.  This was drawn from a photo of an abandoned Scandinavian house found on The Retronaut.

Landscape from imagination utilized several photos of forest floors for accuracy, but turned into a hot mess with over rendering.

Portrait- from a magazine cover found on The Retronaut.

Still life.  The cat really is that ugly in real life, I'm trying to start an 'ugly kitten figurine' collection.