Thursday, July 05, 2012

Advanced Inking Techniques, Assignment 1

This summer semester, I'm taking Advanced Inking Techniques with Professor John Lowe.  According to SCAD's website (

This course is designed to familiarize students with all of the inking tools and techniques employed by professional comic book artist and inkers. Students will gain the ability to work in a wide range of styles and emphasis is placed on developing a personal approach to inking.  Both individual and group critiques support the projects.

We've begun the semester by learning how to use nibs, a material I've dabbled with in the past in Materials and Techniques, but never really developed an affinity for.  As part of the class's requirements, we are assigned 8 subjects to render, due on the Monday of the following week.  These 8 subjects are:

1 portrait
1 building exterior
1 landscape from imagination
1 figure from imagination
1 household object
1 still life
1 costume or interesting outfit
1 animal

We're required to spend at least one hour on each, but I always went over as I'd like to have a portfolio of completed works to select prints from.

For my animal, I chose something I'd never drawn before, a pangolin.  The scales were a fun challenge.

Original image via The Retronaut

Costume found in the The Party Dress.

Original figure.

Figure from reference, image from

My moka pot.

Landscape from imagination.

Portrait (Shelley Duval)

And a still life. 
As you can see, I did an extra- a figure from reference.  A little extra practice never hurt anything other than my hand.