Art Dump

Still working on tweaking this blog, so I'm sorry if it's unattractive.  I'm going to try and consistently update my blog once a week with artdumps, and I'm currently working on a Flickr account that streams to this blog, so my comics will be available for easy viewing.  I'm going to also try to update with a larger variety of content, and I'll be start up my livestream again soon.  I'm sorry I'm not more consistent with these sorts of things, grad school keeps me busy and I often forget to update.  I am going to work on that.  I'm also working on a number of things- the second chapter for my one day webcomic, Ready Set Go, a script for a superhero story called Hypertrophy, as well as various school assignments and preparing for tomorrow's Editors' Day.  So in general, I'm going to try to up the quality of this blog, not only in design but also in content.

Ready Set Go Chapter 2 Pencils:

I'm working on the first nine pages of chapter 2 for my Studio I class.  My goal is to figure out a sustainable working schedule so I can begin updating it on a regular basis.  I'm reluctant to put it up on my website until I can figure out a schedule.  These pages will be inked digitally.

Ready Set Go Prologue Pencils

Two of the friends who proofed Chapter 1 complained that they would've liked a better introduction to Remi, so the prologue is basically a tour of her room and an introduction to her character.  Show, not tell, I know, I know.

Hypertrophy Development Sketches

Misc. Sketches


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