100 Backers! Celebratory Coloring Sheet!

To celebrate 7" Kara on Kickstarter hitting 100 backers (yay!) I'm sharing a free printable coloring sheet with you!  This lineart was the base for a Draw This In Your Style challenge, which is now live on Instagram!  I'd love to see your take on Kara.  If you share this coloring sheet on social media, tag me @nattosoup- I wanna see your beautiful coloring!

7" Kara is in it's last week on Kickstarter, and this printable is just a lil taste of all the goodies available in the $125 7" Kara Activity Pack! Not only does this awesome pack include print copies of Volume 1 and 2, but it also includes Lilliputian Living Volumes 1-3, an adorable printable paper figurine pack, coloring sheets like this one, and fun activities that encourage young readers to think creatively.

See a reward you'd like, but it's not in the tier you're interested in?  Send me a message and we'll create something custom together!