Last Chance!

Today is your last chance to get 7" Kara on Kickstarter!  There's just a few hours left to get your own copy of 7" Kara Volume 2- the campaign ends at 8PM CST and I'm hosting a stream to celebrate!

Get Your Copy of 7" Kara Volume 1 and 2!

Help me count down the final hours in the 7" Kara Campaign and celebrate the funding of Volume 2!   Stream is at 7PM CST tonight on my Youtube Channel. Since we're in the final stretch and 7" Kara Volume 2 has hit its initial funding goal, everyone who's supported me this month is going to get what they've ordered, so please be aware that you may see a Kickstarter charge on your credit card soon!

There's still time to get your order in if you haven't placed it yet!  Check out a few of the amazing rewards available!  Original art, custom portraits, wooden charms, and more!  Everything is available in set tiers, or ala cart if you'd like to add something to your existing tier!   Check out this post for prices and availability- there's a little something for everyone, including digital-only rewards for my out-of-country friends.

A sample You as a Lilliputian custom portrait, based off my husband, Joseph Coco.
  He requested to be drawn as a strawberry farmer.

Once I get back to Nashville, I plan on launching the Kickstarter/Patreon Exclusive Blog!  If you've enjoyed this blog, access to the Kickstarter Blog is well worth the cost of $3!  From planning and executing your own comic Kickstarter to finding the right printer for your project to Diamond Distribution and taking out ads, the 7" Kara Kickstarter Blog has a lot of great content that will only be made available to Kickstarter and Patreon supporters!
It's been a wild month and things veered wildly off course- I'd initially planned on being in Louisiana for two weeks, but due to a car accident, an additional week was tacked on.  This meant I couldn't do some of the end-of-campaign celebrating I'd wanted- I wanted to do an all-day start to finish watercolor stream and more art workshops.  Unfortunately, internet and cell phone connection in Luling made that impossible, but I hope to reschedule those streams later.

I did create a Draw this in Your Style Challenge to share on social media and help spread the world about 7" Kara!  And I also created a printable color sheet for those of you who'd like to just relax and color!  If you share either online, please tag me- I'd love to see your work!

Draw This In Your Style Challenge Rules: 

🍀I want to see YOUR interpretation of this character, so go wild!
🍀Please tag #nattosoup so I can see your art!
🍀Make sure you include the original image as the second or third image!
🍀Please check out the 7" Kara Kickstarter if you enjoy my art!