Friday, April 24, 2015

Fude Pen Review: Uni Brush Pen Set - Gray Fine & Broad Tip

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It's always so disappointing when Blogger/Blogspot eats written progress on a post.  Hopefully though the rewrite will be a bit more inspired than the original post.

I've flirted with the Uni Brush Pen set for awhile.  In the cart, out the cart, I always had trouble committing.  It wasn't the price that tripped me up, at $8.25 for three pens on Jetpens, it may not be cheap but it's certainly not prohibitively expensive.   The truth is, there's always new pens on Jetpens that I'd love to try, but if I'm not doing review rounds, I tend to stick to what I know.

The Packaging

One of the things that caught my eye regarding the Uni Brush Pen set is it's unique packaging.  The three pens are housed in a plastic sleeve that keeps them organized

The set arrived in a simple clear plastic sleeve intended for sale display, and that was quickly discarded as it's not needed to keep the pens together.

The pens slide into the case capped end first, with only the back ends visible.  The back ends have little knobs that slide into the holes on the case, ensuring a snug fit so your pens don't go sliding about.

The pens also have rubber bands that denote their size- black means the larger brush tip, grey means the fine fude-esque tip.

 The Pens

The pens themselves feel narrow, even in my childsize hands, and are a little uncomfortable for those of us used to hefty fudes.  The caps are clear and small, perfect for rolling off your desk and getting lost forever.

The nibs aren't particularly remarkable- the small performs like any decent fude pen, the two larges are slightly less flexible than say, the Sailor Mitsuo Aida, but aren't as stiff as a Tombow.

The Field Test

Although the pens take a little getting used to, they lay down fun, responsive inks.

And the gray ink can be applied almost immediately without causing smearing.  I'm not sure how these work with the Fudegokochi, as the Uni Brush Pen Set comes with a very serviceable small tip.

The Verdict

Uni's Brush Pen Set is a great all in one solution for those of us who like multiple pen solutions, but don't necessarily have a lot of space.  The unusual design of this set makes it perfect if you already have an everyday carry case, but not so perfect if you're the sort who likes to clip your pens to your sketchbook rather than lug around a case.  The design takes some getting used to, but yield satisfying results once you're accustomed to their unusual size.

If you don't already have a collection of fude pens, or are looking to get started in inking with fude pens, the Uni Brush Pen Set might be a great start, as it has almost everything you need- a brush for fine details, a brush for large fills, and a grey brush for toning.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Magical Girl March

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I'd already mentioned Magical Girl March in my February March Sketchdump, but I thought it merited a post of its own.  Magical Girl March was the first challenge I presented to the Western Shoujo Comic Artists Facebook group, and I encouraged members to post along.  It's based on Ruby's Magical Girl Challenge (I'm afraid I don't have the original source), and the rules are simple: 31 Drawings, 31 Days.  I wasn't hot on all the prompts, but I tried to follow them pretty faithfully.
Magical Girl March, Magical Girls
I'm currently working on cleaning up and organizing these magical cuties so I can offer them as a ashcan at TCAF.  For now though, I can share the original scans here with you guys!
Day 1- Generic

Day 2- Environmental

Day 3- Food

Day 4- Space

Day 5- Sports

Day 6: Mecha

Day 7: Colorful/Rainbow

Day 8: Martial Arts

Day 9: Sailor Senshi

Day 10: Godtier

Day 11: Warrior

Day 12: Musical

Day 13: Evil

Day 14: Child

Day 15: Princess

Day 16: Aquatic

Day 17: Gunslinger/Western

Day 18: Mythological

Day 19: Animal

Day 20: Patriotic

Day 21: Ancient/Tribal

Day 22: Monster

Day 23: Fairytale

Day 24: Singing Idol

Day 25: Pirate

Day 26: Bug

Day 27: Old School

Day 28: Pajama

Day 29: Working

Day 30: Magical Boy

Day 31: Freebie

Monday, April 20, 2015

February and March 2015 Sketchdump

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February Challenge

Draw at least three faces from Humane per day as a warm up.

While I try to practice figure drawing at least somewhat regularly, I often don't really focus on faces in my attempt to quickly capture gesture.  During this February, I made it a point to draw at least three faces from Humanae per day.

facial studies, Becca Hillburn, face construction

facial studies, Becca Hillburn, face construction

facial studies, Becca Hillburn, face construction

facial studies, Becca Hillburn, face construction

facial studies, Becca Hillburn, face construction

General Sketches

February and March kept me pretty busy, but I tried to make time to do some general drawing.

Emoticon Inspired Facial Expressions

#BlackOut Inspired Studies

So many beautiful selfies uploaded to Tumblr during #BlackOut inspired me to do some sketching.

Knight School Concept

Knight School is the comic I'm working on for 1001 Knights, below are the concepts for the grandmother knight (Viveca), her three grandchildren, and her 9 students.

 Gemsona- Moonstone

So many artists have been drawing Steven Universe inspired Gems, I had to noodle one up for myself.

 Scans from Fude Pen Ink Tests

When testing out new pens, I usually sketch up something to ink, and those fully inked pieces are often an afterthought in the pen reviews.  I thought I'd scan a few favorites to share.

Witchsona Week Entries

 Style Tests

I didn't do as many style tests in February and March as I would've liked, but I managed to do a few.
From left to right, top to bottom:
Mingjue Helen Chen
Louise Bagnall
Song of the Sea

Below the cut are some NSFW figure studies, but that's it.  If you're not comfortable with nudity for the sake of study, you can skip that part, there's only three below the cut.