Monday, March 26, 2018

Lilliputian Portraits from Launch Anniversary

As you guys know, February 10th marked the one year anniversary for 7" Kara's webcomic debut.  To celebrate, I hosted a livestream on Youtube full of giveaways- including an opportunity for viewers to submit a photo or reference to have themselves or their characters drawn as Lilliputians in Kara's world.  Below are the resulting portraits- sketched in blue pencil and inked.  Keep an eye on my channel for the upcoming timelapse process videos!

Portrait from reference

Shelby, an adorable tiny

Kabocha's Aster and Fox, from the webcomic Linked 

Mharz's Big Sis, from the comic The Angel with Black Wings

Nisa's beautiful OC, Solas

Respheal's Conan, from the comic Galebound

Character from Toefield’s mini comic

Diane’s Nikolai

Huge thanks to everyone who sent in reference and hung out during the stream!  You guys made it a blast.

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