Monday, March 05, 2018

Japantrip 2018

Hey friends and Artnerds!  On Wednesday, March 7th, I fly out of the country to visit Japan!  I'm going to be visiting Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo, and I'm sharing my adventures with my Patrons.  I'm super excited for this trip, and while I'm looking forward to enjoying food, fun, and culture, I still have content scheduled for while I'm away. I have some great guest posts planned, some awesome videos lined up, and great stuff for my Artnerds, so if you want to see how the adventure unfolds, join me for March on Patreon!

:flag_jp:Going to Japan! Osaka•Kyoto•Tokyo:flag_jp:

I'm returning on the 22nd, and from there I'll decide what remains a Backer Exclusive, what I'll share with the public, and what's going to be edited into a recap, so don't miss a minute of the fun, join today!

I plan on having Vlogs, Shopping Hauls, a Japantrip Sketchbook, and Japanese stationary and treat giveaways for Artnerds on Patreon when I return, so I hope you guys can feel even a little as excited as I do!

Artnerds and Patrons, since you're already part of the community, fear not, I'm going to upload and schedule things so that you can watch and read at your own pace.

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