Thursday, March 29, 2018

Con Announcement- MTAC 2018

Hey friends!  I'm going to be at MTAC this upcoming weekend, in Nashville, TN!

I'll have:
Copies of 7" Kara Volume 1
Preview Pages from Volume 2
1001 Knights Volume 3

Mini Comics:
Lilliputian Living
Magical Girl March
Favorite Fictional Femmes

Cute Stuff:
Mini Prints
Handpainted Wooden Charms

As well as mini fandom watercolors and original watercolors for sale.  I'm going to take commissions for Pencil and Inked Commissions until Sunday, and Mail in Commissions all weekend!

Brand New Mini Watercolors:
Deku, BNHA, Boku no Hero Academia, My Hero Academia
Deku- BNHA

Froppy, BNHA, Boku No Hero Academia, My Hero Academia

Bakugo, BNHA, Boku No Hero Academia, My Hero Academia
Bakugo- BNHA

Card Captor Sakura, CCS
Sakura-Card Captor Sakura

Magi Puella Madoka Magica, Madoka, Madoka Kaname

Voltron, Voltron fanart, Hunk, Hunk fanart
Hunk- Voltron

Keith fanart, Voltron fanart

Lance fanart, Voltron fanart, Lance, Voltron

Allura fanart, Voltron fanart, Allura, Voltron
Allura- Voltron

Pidge fanart, Voltron fanart, Pidge, Voltron

Shiro fanart, Voltron fanart, Shiro, Voltron

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