Ink Drop Cafe Launch

What is Ink Drop Café

Ink Drop Café was founded in 2017 by a collective of comic artists creating stories that promote the autonomy, aptitude and ingenuity of all sorts of characters. Our primary focus at this time is on character-driven comics that are appealing to women and general audiences.

Ink Drop Café officially launches today,  April 29, 2017.

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Ink Drop Cafe Goals
Ink Drop Café hopes to promote all members through a central site and through banner exchanges across member sites.  We hope to utilize our unique resources and skills to promote one another and improve the comic community, as well as foster an environment where member comics can thrive.  In the upcoming year, members hope to secure shared tables at indie conventions, sellbooks, and make new friends and contacts.

Our Members
Our members have years of experience as professional artists, illustrators, comic creators, writers, editors, reviewers, and self-publishers.

Some of us have been published through Sparkler Monthly, Chainmail Bikini, and 1001 Knights. Others have helped manage #WebComicChat, How to Be A Con Artist, and StArt Faire.

We are involved in our community and love to see it grow bigger and better.  Ink Drop Café aims to provide access to our insight and allow others to contribute their own to help build a better future in the comics community.

Nattosoup Avatar
Becca Hillburn (Nattosoup) is a powerhouse of comics and art education. You can check out her all-ages comic, 7" Kara, or enjoy her art-education resources at the Nattosoup Art & Process Blog, How To Be a Con Artist, and on Youtube. You can also check out her online portfolio.
Patreon: @NattosoupInstagram: @Nattosoup
Cali is a tiny artist that mostly does art as a hobby, and is the creator of Chronicles of Fenaur (and two other comics; Psychteria and Hunter of Fenaur). She's a big anime fan and likes trying to bring her characters to life.
Draco Plato Avatar
Draco Plato is a full time artist and comic creator with a BA in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, who is also the founder of StArt Faire and KhyatiX. They have a passion for webcomics and the webcomic community and hope to see the community continue to grow in years to come.
Patreon: khyatix.comTwitter: @KhyatiX
Hame Avatar
Hame is a full time UI/UX Designer, an illustrator and draws the webcomic Somewhere in the Rain on her (scarce) free time. She has a thing for watercolours illustrations and randomly sharing art resources through Twitter or Discord.
Twitter: @leilacmgInstagram: @leila.gonTumblr: @encased
KaiJu Avatar
KaiJu is a two-headed monster with a passion for creating worlds rather than destroying them.
They were first published in Sparkler Monthly in April of 2014 with their debut work "The Ring of Saturn." Their next work "Mahou Josei Chimaka," won a DINKy award in March of 2016.
"Inhabitant of Another Planet," a prequel to Novae and all the previously listed stories can be found on Sparkler.
Gumroad: @kaixjuTwitter: @KAIxJU
Leanna Avatar
Leanna C is an illustrator, comic artist, fan artist, and designer living in southern California. She loves to find, support, and share artists, resources, and opportunities for creators of all kinds. She is also quite fond of cats, coffee, and comics. You can find her work at:

Alakotila is a storyteller making games, books, and comics. Their current focus is the fantasy webcomic "Spidersilk," though more stories may be found here. They are the colorist with Ododon Games Company. They often teach, usually art and ESL, as well as edit. Probably wearing armor. Or maybe sweatpants.

Patreon: @AlakotilaPortfolio:
Michelle Avatar
Michelle is a Los Angeles-based story artist who creates the cyberpunk mystery comic Centralia 2050. She loves video games, crafting, and animals, and is in an endless fashion struggle between wearing pastels+flowers or all black+skulls.
Respheal Avatar
Respheal is a system administrator, gamer, and creator of the webcomic Galebound. She laments not being able to put more in this section.
Patreon: @galeboundTumblr: @respheal
Kabocha Avatar
Sam (kabocha) is an illustrator and computer tinkerer. She creates the webcomic Linked and runs the resource website Shooting Stars.
Website: shooting-stars.orgTumblr: @kabocha-chan

Shoona Avatar
Shoona Browning (they/she) is a cartoonist and illustrator who makes all ages comics with lgbt+ themes. Shoona makes the weekly webcomic Ellie of the Stars.
Patreon: shoonabee.comTwitter: @megaloshoon

Our Affiliates
Nattosoup Studio Art and Process Blog

Ink Drop Café Does Not

  • Request ad revenue from members
  • Force members to participate in Ink Drop Café community events
  • Require members to pay a membership fee
  • Require members to have print books
  • Require members to represent Ink Drop Café at conventions

How to Join Ink Drop Café

Ink Drop Café membership is currently invitation only, although we hope to open up applications later this year.  If this collective sounds like the right place for your work, and you would like to be added to the list for consideration, please bookmark our page or follow our tumblr for updates and submission information.  You are also invited to join us on our forum to chat about comics, comic craft, and fandom.

New applications are voted on by existing Ink Drop Café members at this time, based on the rules listed above, as well as time of last update, how active you are online and in comic communities, and how well you maintain an update schedule.


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