Birthday Reflection

This year, I skipped out on sharing my New Year's goals- both those from last year, and new ones for this year.  That doesn't mean I didn't SET goals, just that the yearly practice of reflecting on my goals has become an exercise in depression for me.  The issue lies in the fact that so many of my goals are honestly out of my hands- 100 followers for 7" Kara on Tumblr, 3000 followers on Youtube, 1,000 followers on Instagram- other than updating on a schedule and trying to share quality work, there's nothing else I can really do.

This year, one of my goals has been to focus on the aspect I can control- doing the work, making the effort, and talking to people.

So below are the goals I've hit that I could control rather than goals that were out of my control.

1. FINALLY launched 7" Kara as a webcomic

2. Helped form a community of comic artists focused on community growth- TWICE.

3. Stopped using ArtSnacks vs Sketchbox for content- those were so tiring!

4. Working on a comic to pitch outside of 7" Kara- these black and white pages will be hitting the Intro to Comic Craft buffer soon, so please look forward to them!

5. Completed my kidlit portfolio- both traditional media and digital media.  As you guys know, I'm always looking for work, so if you know anyone who might be interested in a watercolor artist for a kidlit project, please pass my information along.

6. Found an artsy hobby that doesn't make me competitive, and that isn't tied in to my bread and butter

7. Created a craft fair demo setup, started putting in for craft fairs

8. Started putting in for more industry jobs

9. Stopped focusing on reviews so much (it is so expensive), and started focusing more on quality tutorials that I can be proud of

10. Consistently try to cross promote to WebComicChat, ComicArtistsUnite, Pinterest, G+, Facebook- trying to treat my hard work like it's actually worthwhile

11. Kept the pressure on 1001 Knights to deliver what backers paid for, while other artists kept silent.

12. Started using Manga Studio for inks, rather than Photoshop- so much easier

13. Started doing more digital art, rather than just digital art for con merch

14. Worked on a black and white comic- a huge change from my watercolor, and fairly uncomfortable

15. Updated my resume

16. Updated my convention portfolio

17. Rebranded my YouTube and Twitter to better reflect my art

18. Started keeping a journal

19. Consistently kept a calendar, which has helped significantly with scheduling


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